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Object-Oriented Computer Aided Software Engineering (OOCASE) - Practical Leverage for the Knowledge Age.


I do most types of jobs being a software consultant.


  • Prestudy before development of programs or customer specific client-server database information systems.
  • Requirement specifications before purchase of commercial software or computer systems.
  • Implementation of programs according to prestudy results, where the customer can evaluate prototypes until they are satisified with the program or information system.
  • Documentation of customers' computersystem, development of education material for users and teaching courses to groups of end users.
  • Service, support and uppgrade of programs and databases to new versions of operating systems and database platform software.
  • Performance optimization in programs and database applications.
  • Migration of production data from one software system to another.
  • Core values

  • Long-term the customer shall earn at least twice the amount om money my services cost in a cooperation project.
  • The software and the systems we develop together shall serve for many years.
  • All data created in the software shall be easy to export to other systems if a better application for the customers business needs becomes available.
  • The customer shall get all education and documentation necessary for full intependent ownership of the information created in the program or information system.
  • Insights

  • If there is a need to create a new program or software system, it sometimes is very efficient to start with a cheap prototype created in a fast software development tool.
  • A prototype makes it easier to get detailled feedback from business experts and system end users.
  • The experiences from the prototype makes it easier to formulate requirements and explain needs when purchasing a system from a larger software supplier.
  • The documentation and availability of the prototype speeds up the knowledge transfer to a larger development project.
  • Sometimes the prototype shows itself to be enough for the needs of the user organization.
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