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How to Order FMDesign_V2.3.0_Student at the price 200_SEK

E-mail Order Example

Please use copy/paste of the e-mail order template below.

Update the Example strings after Email:, Firstname: etc with the legally binding information you need on your purchased license and invoice.

You may add more than one item in the e-mail order you send. 25% Swedish VAT will be added on the total amount on your invoice.

You can find more details about e-mail orders at EMailOrder.

mail -t
To: sales@rojtec.se
Cc: myemail@mysite.com
Subject: ROJTEC WebShop Order:
According to your offerings, I hereby order the following item(s):

1) FMDesign_V2.3.0_Student 200_SEK
2) ...

By the act of placing this order, I confirm having read and accepted
the license agreement(s) for the products I order.

Information for the License Certificate and Invoice:

Email: myemail@mysite.com  
Firstname: Example
Lastname: Example
MobileNumber: +46-701234567  
YearOfBirth: 1964  
AgreeOnTerms: Yes

Organization: Example Inc
StreetAddress: Examplestreet 12 
PostalCode: 123 45
Locality: Exampletown
StateOrProvince: Examplia 
Country: SE


The rest of this page is a html dump of our intranet shop Login page, for your information.
It provides definitions for the attribute information we store about you in our sales system to legally process your purchase.
The forms are not active on the public internet for security reasons.


If you already have registered an account, please enter your e-mail address and password, and press Login

After manual approval, instructions how to proceed will be sent to your e-mail address.

Register a login account

If you have not yet registered, please read the Terms for registering, fill in the form, and press RegisterShopLogin

Your e-mail address through which we can contact you with information about the software you purchase or download and inform you about new available releases of software you have purchased.
Your chosen strong password to login to this secure server.
This field will be compared with the password field to prevent misspelling errors.
Your given name to appear in your generated license certificates.
Your surname to appear in your generated license certificates.
Phone number if you order licensed software products, telephone support or ask us to contact you.
Mobile phone number if you want to pay with Swish, order licensed software products or telephone support or ask us to contact you.
Mandatory to ensure that we fullfill our legal obligations.
Here you write "Yes" to confirm that you have read our Terms for creating a ShopLogin.

Terms for registering a ShopLogin

  1. You agree that fixing global warming is one of the most important challenges humanity is standing before today.
  2. You agree that the generations born after 1988 needs access to foundational knowledge that can empower them to a level where they can make a positive difference in fixing global warming.
  3. You agree that people working in knowledge domains that have a potential to find solutions to the global warming challenges may be significantly empowered in action capability if supplied with fundamental solid theory and tools from the area of computer science.
  4. You agree that people educated with the knowledge available on this site may be a useful resource for contributing to fix global warming regardless if they are employed in your own business or in any co-opetitive business or organization.
  5. You agree to NOT commit any acts of Mocking Madness against this site, company or contributors in our upwards and downwards supply chain that amplify or protect our abilities to actually fix global warming.
  6. You agree that YOU are an important resource with a potential to contribute towards working solutions to fix global warming, and that YOU will spend a fraction of YOUR time and resources to investigate how YOU can help.
  7. You agree that a win-win relationship between customer and supplier is fundamental for sustaining a healthy and long-term value-adding and profitable business eco-system that can invest to meet important challenges and convert presently available knowledge and technology into products that improve societal performance and capability to fix Global Warming.
  8. You agree to not disclose or distribute any digital documents or software your ShopLogin account enables you to access or download from this website to any third party.
    The only exception is when the copyrighted digital document or software item in writing permits you to do so, for example under QAEVR License Agreement.
    If you think a third party has potential to contribute to the mission of this company, you are free to provide a link to this company's homepage.
  9. You agree to refuse to build applications that could be used as tools by foreign or domnestic actors to commit crimes against yourself or people or organizations that you care about.
  10. You agree that WE as a law obeying civilian company have done what we can with the limited resources we have access to with regards to certain technologically aided malice going on in our societies by trying to provide the means that are in our power to deliver through our Charity.
  11. We agree to shutdown this website and its operation once there is a secure, distributed, and by its own knowledge self-sustainable healthy non-monopoly business community available that serve customers and knowledge developers better than this company in supporting our mission , when our still dependent customers have a been provided with an reasonable efficient and proven path of migration to more efficient or capable tools.

Privacy Policy

  1. WE regard the rule of law and the fundament of legislation it has delivered as a manifest of the wisdom of our ancestors and OUR active democratically elected politicians.
    The efficiency of the rule-of-law is directly proportional to the message transfer performance of its expression in text and distribution to guide the behavior of the citizens within the territory who are governed by it.
    Given the total amount of working hours neccessary for a rule-of-law governed society to make the law take effect in societal behavior, gives a cost evaluation function that can be used to optimize the format and mechanisms of distribution of the law.
  2. Our privacy policy follows (EU) 2016/679 which for our business purposes essentially states that:
    1. The information you enter is a shared business secret between you, the customer who volontarily enters personal data, and the product or service supplier, that is us.
    2. Any exception to that must be preceeded with your confirmation in a legally binding business act such as a purchase, where you agree that your personal information will or may be used for something that you have been informed of in recorded writing.
      Where both parties have full access to the business document that records the business act.

We use the information you enter for producing the documentation you need for legally binding business events, such as offerings and invoices, and our internal legally required records of business transactions for legally required book-keeping. These records are stored in our internal book-keeping for 7 years according to legal requirements.

Additional Information to not-yet-practicing Entrepreneur Students

Some of our software products are made available by building them on software platforms we license under lawful agreements with software suppliers with a long record of earned trust.

The purpose of this by rule-of-law arranged mechanisms is to ensure that the SOURCE of your emancipating capability platform provider's in the form of knowledge, hardware and software, receives the already paid for or negotiated ECONOMIC compensation for it's product contribution.
This is an economic necessity to survive and continue their supply to us, and throug us to you by our efforts created value adding productified software development effort. This is based on a by law enabled and granted supply of economic compensation.

Our Suppliers and WE make this leverage available to YOU, at a price so low that it would be impossible to sustain a business that can carry the invenstments and operation costs UNLESS, we have the LAW, that protects our rights to the intellectual property whose secrets and leverage, YOU are allowed to use and STAND ON, under agreements protected by the rule-of-law.

The LAW contains wisdoms on how to deal with the legacy of biological life that constitues what all involved parties are left with and whose foudations for life we all exist from. We just simply have to accept this for what it is, and ensure that we compensate for its weaknessess with human WISE intellect manifested in in-force law.

Human beings need to be educated about some, by human thinking created, non-human-innate foundational neccessities that has contributed to the creation of wealth and prosperity, wherever the right conditions for this happening were present. Human beings need a supply chain to come to their right and potential as human beings, and by that become solvent customers who can pay us for the added value we deliver at a cost that would be impossible without a functional by LAW enabled market.

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